LANBIDE – Basque Employment Service

  • EGAILAN. Design and management of Euroate, the European contact and information service.
  • Implementation of gender mainstreaming in Lanbide’s information and survey services.


Preparation and Transnational Technical Assistance - European Programme “ERASMUS FOR YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS”.

Lan Ekintza Bilbao

  • Monitoring and Technical Assistance in European projects and funding.
  • Supervision of Lan Ekintza's participation in ERDF's URBACT II Programme.

BBK-Bilbao Bizkaia Kutxa

Design and elaboration of BBK's Diversity Management Plan.

Chamber of Commerce of Bilbao

  • Design of INNOFUNDSME, a Project of innovative financing measures for SMES (ERDF's INTERREG IVC)
  • Assessment and validation of IMP3ROVE, the European Commission's programme for Innovation Management
  • Organization of the European Service at BARRIXE - Bizkaia's Observatory on Innovation
  • Design and promotion of a Project for the implementation of CSR in SMES, funded by the Directorate General for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities of the European Commission
  • Identification and study of Good Practice in CSR (sector compromise) at the European level


Eusko Ganberak-Basque Chambers of Commerce

The "TIC Lagunak" research study - Design and implementation of the project "Reliable ICT Advisor", a support strategy for counselling SMES on ICT issues

BBK Gazte Lanbidean Fundazioa.

  • Management of the EQUAL Project AURRERATU
  • Management of the EQUAL-Action 3 Project AURRERATU ETA BATERATU
  • Design, management and evaluation of mobility projects MARTXAN and EUROEGOKITU in the framework of the Programme Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Design and management of the "The Way They Undertake, The Way They Reconcile" research Project, a study on WLB and women entrepreneurs in Bizkaia within the framework of EQUAL AURRERATU


Bermeo's Town Council

  • Management of the Project Valora, included in the European Social Fund's CAPV 2007-2013 Operational Programme.
  • Organization of a study-visit on regional regeneration to Ireland.

Institute of European Studies - University of Deusto

Direction of the course "European Programmes and Funds" of the Master's Degree in European Integration - The course deals with the European funding scenario, financing instruments and the tools to access grants and subsidies.

Tenerife’s Government. Municipal Areas for Youth, Education and Women

Preparation of a report with recommendations and good practice in work-life balance in collective bargaining – I Equal Opportunities Plan for Tenerife’s Women.


Bizkaia's Provincial Administration

  • Department of Employment, Training and Social Action
    • Development of the Pilot Plan “Bizkaia for Active Inclusion”.
    • Organization of the conference on Active Inclusion of Disadvantaged Collective Groups - OMC (Open Method of Coordination).
  • Department of Social Action
    • Preparation and management of the European project : PROGRESS “Improving and assessing quality a step-by-step process in integration programmes”.
    • Consultancy on the Department’s active ageing programme within the European framework.
    • Organization and supervision of a study-visit on ageing and disabilities in the EU - Study-visit to Denmark.
  • Department of Employment and Training
    • Analysis of Employment and Training Decrees.

Spanish National Agency for the Leonardo da Vinci programme

Evaluation of life-long learning programmes.


EAPN Euskadi - The European Anti Poverty Network in Euskadi

  • Technical assistance - study and presentation of a proposal to the European Fund for the Integration of Third-country Nationals
  • Technical Assistance in the field of the socio-labour inclusion of disadvantaged collective groups in the European Union
  • Technical Assistance in Partner Searching and design of a proposal in the framework of the European Funding Programme INTI - Integration of Third-country Nationals
  • Training actions focused on the role of the third sector in the new financial scenario 2007-2013

EDE Foundation

Design and preparation of an Active Ageing strategy in the framework of the European Union.

KALEIDOS RED Foundation - Network of municipal community services

Monitoring and information of potential participation in European projects, networks, and funding.

Peñascal Foundation and Sartu Association

Design and Technical Assistance in the Project SENDOTU - ESF's Operational Programme 2007-2013.


Barakaldo Elkartegia DEMA

  • Design and implementation of Bizkaia’s Observatory for Employment and Training. The action is being developed at the moment.
  • Technical Assistance - Programme Enpresari.

Bilbao's City Council

  • Municipal Area for Employment and Youth
    • Training on European Youth policies and programmes..
    • Monitoring and consultancy – Submission of projects to European calls of proposals for Youth actions.
  • Municipal Area for Equality, Cooperation and Citizenship
    • Design and elaboration of the Third Municipal Plan for Equal Opportunities.
    • Evaluation of the Second Municipal Plan for Equal Opportunities.

Mungialdeko Behargintza

Technical Implementation of the WLB Management Tools Plan in SMES, in the framework of EQUAL Aurreratu.

Berriztapen Association

Transnational technical assistance in the EQUAL Project LAMEGI.


Somorrostro Training Centre

Design and supervision of the Centre's COMENIUS Programme project (Lifelong Learning 2007-2013)

Emakunde. The Basque Institute for Women

  • Elaboration of a methodology guide for the design, implementation and evaluation of gender mainstreaming in employment and training centres - EQUAL Project KIDEITU.
  • Organization of a study-visit to the United Kingdom - Business Equality Network.

EURES Gipuzkoa

Training conferences: Financial Framework in the European Union 2007-2013.


LAB - Trade Union

Evaluation of the Union's First Equality Plan and design of a new equality strategy.

Bakio's Town Council

Design and promotion of the project "Txakoli Gunea" in the framework of ERDF's CAPV 2007-2013 Operational Programme.

Garapen - The Basque Association of Development Companies

  • Organization and participation in WIEQ’s Closing Seminar.
  • Preparation of WIEQ’s Report on Transnational Experiences in Quality Employment for Occupied Persons.
  • Design and promotion of a project in the framework of ERDF's CAPV 2007-2013 Operational Programme.
  • Design and promotion of the Age Management Project FAST - Innovative Approaches to Change Management.


Getxo's City Council

Consultancy services for project tuning and presentation in the framework of ERDF's CAPV 2007-2013 Operational Programme.

Behargintza Basauri

Design of the European project "Innova Basauri"" in the framework of ERDF's CAPV 2007-2013 Operational Programme.

European Economic and Social Committee

As an expert consultant, C. Gonzalo was responsible for the elaboration of the Committee's Exploratory Opinion on employability and entrepreneurial initiative.


Cesi iberia, S.A.

  • Supervision of a Project for the Tripartite Foundation - The difficulties of gaining access to training in trade, hotel and road transport SMES.
  • Elaboration of the final report of the survey "Occupational and Formative Economic Structure in Electronic Telecommunication Companies" - Complementary actions to FORCEM's employment training actions.

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